The significants of Marketing in Film for Small Phoenix AZ Companies

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The backbone of America is found in her wealth of small business owners. With all the current red tape, America is still one of the easiest countries in the world in which to begin a new business. All that is needed to start a business in the United States is a workable concept, some financial backing, and a well designed website, preferably one that incorporates this medium. Video website content is a small business’s best friend. The many statistics that support the use of small business videos are not just encouraging – they are massively and overwhelmingly convincing. They demonstrate that there is no other single type of advertising that even comes close to being as beneficial for one’s business as film content on a business website.

A small business is defined as a business with less than 500 employees, but most small businesses are actually far smaller. In fact, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy,

70% of all small businesses are owned and operated by just one person.  Many start on a shoe-string, and have limited advertising and marketing budgets. A number of studies powerfully illustrate  the favorable impact that the inclusion of movie content has upon website visitors. Consider the following statistics regarding the influence that small business videos have the ability to wield.


  • 100 million people view at least one on-line video each day.
  • 85% of the American public watches on-line videos on a regular basis. In fact, fully one-third of all Internet activity is media related.
  • When the content is present on a website, 80% of website traffic will watch the movie. This is in comparison to the 20% that will actually read the written content.
  • A website that includes a media recoding is 50% more likely to appear on the initial page of any major search engine results page (SERP).
  • Websites with videos draw three times as many in-bound links as websites without them.
  • When a real estate listing includes a program, Realtors get over 400% more requests for additional information than in an ad for the same property has this type of content.
  • Of all consumers queried, 96% report that they use videos to help them arrive at their purchasing decisions.
  • 75% of polled consumers say they will be more likely to purchase a product when they have first seen a movie that explains and/or demonstrates the product.
  • 77% of website visitors believe that a company whose website has a film is more in touch with its client base. Nearly 60% say they perceive such companies as being more trustworthy than their video-less competitors.
  • 100% of prospective customers spend more time on websites that contain videos than they do on websites without video content.


Clearly, there are tremendous advantages to the inclusion of video on small business websites. This positive trend appears set to continue into the foreseen future – a study commissioned by Cisco in January of 2014, revealed that by the year 2017, 69% of all consumer driven traffic on the Internet will occur in video form. Therefore, it is a wise small business that gets on board early and grabs for itself a share of its particular market!


Any video placed upon a business website needs to be thoughtfully developed. It can be helpful in planning your video to examine the advantages video offers, beyond increased traffic and more clients. The strength of a small business is its personability, the customer’s sense that he’s dealing with real people, and not an anonymous and giant corporation to whom he’s just a number. This advantage should be heightened by having a person of importance, possibly even the owner of the business himself, be the person speaking in the film. This way, the potential client gains a sense of familiarity, and feels that he has met the business’s owner. People are generally more inclined to make a purchase from a person they feel they know than they are from a generic entity.


What Makes Video Such a Successful Tool?


  • Video grabs attention. Visual learners account for 65% of the population. Another 30% are auditory, and together these account for 95% of the population. With a movie, the business owner combines the two modalities, and thereby not only reaches the greatest number of people, but also reinforces his message by presenting it through two distinct neural pathways. It is easy to watch. People are inclined to click on it, thinking they can easily click off should it fail to interest them. All it has to do is to hook the viewer.


  • Video establishes a sense of connection. Video mimics being present with your potential clients, and talking to them one-on-one. When the owner of the business looks into the camera and speaks sincerely, as if he were talking to an actual client, the client viewing this feels the connection. Your potential client feels he“knows” you, feels reassured about spending his money with you, and is highly likely to make a purchase should your product or service be indeed, something he needs or desires.


  • Video provides credibility. Having video on a small business website is a bit like having a bully pulpit. You become the resident expert in charge, and you’re able to say whatever you like. You essentially become an authority within your particular industry or niche simply by stating your opinions and showing that you not only understand your potential client’s need, but also, how your company is uniquely qualified to fill that need.


How to Create an Effective Video for Your Webpage


  • Consider your target audience. The first thing a small business owner must do before he decides upon the content of his website movie is to consider both the product and/or services he  has to offer, as well as the audience he intends to reach. When you already have a sure market for a specific and useful product, your video time is probably better spent providing a demonstration of how the product is used as opposed to simply talking about product benefits. Similarly, if you recognize that your target audience has yet to be convinced of your product’s utility, then a demo is likely wasted unless it happens to be particularly illustrative, and a film offering testimonials might be more appropriate.


  • Get your viewer’s attention quickly. According to Visible Measures, a company providing audience measuring software as well as associated expertise for these services, the average video has 10 seconds to capture the viewer attention in an intentional marketing clip. Within 10 seconds or less, as many as 20% of viewers will leave the video.


  • Consider your equipment. Studies show it is not necessary to hire a professional production company to create your video in order for it to be effective. All that is required is a quality image and clear sound and rudimentary editing. High-end cell phones are actually capable of providing recordings that are more than adequate for informational and marketing purposes. Do insure that the microphone used to capture the audio is capable of capturing clear and unambiguous sound – sometimes the audio quality, particularly when the images are small, turns out to be more important than the film quality.


  • Focus upon the kind of video you wish to make. Each individual business will benefit the most from producing the style of film that best illustrates the company’s primary message. Examples include informational videos, testimonial videos and/or instructional videos, such as those produced for do-it-yourselfers. Regardless of the style, it is important for the contact information of the business to be prominently displayed for those who might wish to take advantage of the business’s service. Experts recommend that a video end with a call to action, which leaves the potential client with a definite sense of direction as well as a goal to pursue.


Recognize and Maximize Your Video’s Impact


Done well, small business videos have the potential to increase a company’s client base, profit margin and to exponentially increase its brand recognition. Savvy small business owners realize that the video they create will ultimately become an integral component in their potential client’s research. They will view the inclusion of website film as much more than simply one more marketing tool, and will recognize the importance of highlighting the talents, services or products that make their business stand apart from the rest. Videos that are engaging and information rich tend to be better perceived than those that simply advertise availability.


Finally, exercise care and discretion when creating media. It is ever good policy to take care not to offend. Therefore, be careful not to send unintentional sexual, political, or otherwise controversial messages of any kind. Keep in mind a video’s staying power, as well as their tendency to go viral. Don’t put anything into this you don’t want to see ten years from now, or ten thousand times. Putting your video into cyberspace is somewhat like sending your child out into the world – above all else, you want to ensure as much as you can that it will represent you well!

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