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Is Business Video Production Part of Your Marketing Plan?

Videos are, without a doubt, a vital part of marketing. Current marketing trends demand companies employ videos at all marketing levels. In fact, search engines like Google now virtually require movies be included in websites seeking top page return rankings. Because evidence clearly supports industry claims that films are quality tools for generating business and building brand recognition, modern marketing experts strongly encourage all business owners to incorporate quality video content into current and proposed marketing efforts. Anyone considering using business video production should consider some basic questions about how they add value to any campaign.


Why should companies invest in video?

Any decision to incorporate media related to film into business and marketing programs must include a discussion of where they actually fit into the picture.


  1. Do they really add value to SEO efforts?


Yahoo, Bing and Google all now demand websites include a variety of high value content that provides users with relevant information. While information may be presented in different formats, video is a must.  Interactive components, like blogs or question and answer venues, are important when seeking improved page return rankings, and fims fill an important role in attracting new visitors and converting those visits to sales.


In the past, webpages focused on providing information most viewers accessed on desktop or notebook computers. Screens were sufficiently large to easily read even text-heavy sites. Today, an increasing number of viewers are abandoning those platforms in favor of mobile devices. That transition demands site creators cater to the needs of mobile device users. Although movies often contain text, the primary message can easily be delivered without viewers having to read a great deal of verbiage.


  1. Is there evidence to suggest video increase sales?


Surveys suggest the majority of people will watch films rather than read text when they available. Other data suggests visitors using mobile platforms are three times more likely to watch a movies than users of laptop or desktop computers. That means viewers will spend more time on a specific site containing videos. Assuming the videos are relevant and of high quality, it provides a solid opportunity for converting those visits to sales. No one wants visitors to simply click through to the next site, looking for more easily accessible information. Videos keep visitors on your page.


  1. Are they cost effective to produce?


Of course, not all  are of the same quality. That suggests there will always be a range of quality in video productions. When considering costs, potential video users must weigh all factors before deciding which types are appropriate for their needs.


If the strategy is to rapidly cycle, keeping costs low is important. When video blogs are used, for example, and the blogs are renewed every week or two, production costs need to be carefully controlled. However, when the film will be used for an extended period of time, it pays to consider a higher quality production effort.


Business production experts understand that videos intended for television might be used extensively over a longer period of time. With the demands of high definition television, video quality levels must be higher. More extensive editing, and even a different format, may be needed to meet the requirements intended for television viewing.


  1. What other venues for video use should be explored?


With the explosion of social media, the potential uses of video increased substantially. Business media productions now permeate sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Exposure to these venues generates a tremendous amount of recognition for both company brands and specific products. As social networking sites continue to expand, so does the potential for product exposure and brand building.


What types of film media are effective?


With evidence strongly supporting the expanded use of videos to grow a company’s brand, the next logical area for growth-minded organizations is how to take advantage of various video strategies. Video production services routinely meet with clients to explore possible areas for video use. Since no two companies are alike, business videos are tailored to meet each company’s needs. There are many ways for companies to use digital media to enhance their businesses. They include:


  1. Business to Business Marketing.


Businesses everywhere market products and services to other businesses. Video provide a way to embellish live sales presentations, provide information to clients without the need for representatives to travel, as well as introduce new or improved products and services to audiences in diverse areas.


  1. Non-Profit Marketing


Non-profits have unique needs, and they provide a method of delivering a compelling message to prospective donors or other supporters. They can be produced for presentation to live audiences, or to air on television or other media sources. Films allow non-profits to introduce a new issue or reinforce an already well-known campaign.


  1. How-To Examples


How-to guides are an integral part of modern websites. Algorithms used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines essentially require them to maintain high page return rankings. How-to videos are a mainstay of companies providing a wide variety of tools and other products or services. Consumers are far more likely to purchase a product if they feel it will meet their needs. They will be able to properly use or install the item, when well produced, give buyers the confidence to go ahead and purchase the item immediately rather than searching other sites.


  1. Corporate Training and Recruitment


Even during recent economic declines, many industries continued to seek qualified candidates for various positions. Competition to attract the best potential employees was, and still is, strong.  experts consult clients to establish their needs and goals, plan the actual production, and provide editing to complete to not only attract those candidates, but create excitement about joining the company as well.


New hires can often be trained in basic essentials far more efficiently using media coupled with personal instruction where necessary. With most businesses evolving continuously, employee and management training must also be ongoing. Business experts support the efforts with products to enhance those training efforts. Employees can view videos providing specialized training by experts at remote locations without the expense of having the experts visit each site individually.


  1. Television Shows and Commercials


Marketing using television shows and commercials has the potential to reach large audiences that might not visit a company website or be exposed to its print advertising. Companies can reach a target demographic by airing the film on specific channels at specific times. Although there are companies that generate the bulk of their revenue from airing television shows and commercials, other companies use the option as a part of an overall marketing program. Business video creation experts are key allies in determining the best strategies for using television ads or shows.


How do video production experts help?


Because video use is rapidly increasing in popularity, the need for producing quality corporate videos is readily apparent. They must not only include quality content to attract viewers, but the visual quality of the these must also be second to none. Video production experts play an important role in the success of corporate filmography, regardless of their intended use.


Production professionals work closely with clients throughout the process of planning, filming and editing video projects to make sure the end product meets the client’s needs. That means suggesting options company representatives may not even be aware of.


Multiple videos may be needed to increase the viability of a website. For example, introduction that explain the benefits of a product are important to convert views to purchases. Customers need to believe the product will meet their needs, as well as have confidence a specific product is a good choice when compared to competitors’ choices. Well-planned and produced videos accomplish that goal.


Videos as blogs allow company representatives to communicate with potential clients. Consumers want a personal touch, and frequent video blogs allow consumers to feel they know a company on a more personal level. Assuming the blog contains useful information, consumers are more willing to not only return to the site on a regular basis, but also recommend the site to others. Sharing of sites on social media exposes quality sites to countless new potential customers who might never hear about the site any other way.


There are, of course, many other ways to use business video productions to enhance revenues. Exploring all options before making any decisions about how and where to use movies to build a brand and improve market share is crucial. Business media production experts take time to discuss business objectives with clients, and explain where business movies can make the biggest contribution toward achieving those objectives.


With marketing trends demonstrating the effectiveness of videos not only on websites, but also in venues like YouTube and social media sites, it is certain that media will drive sales and brand recognition efforts in the future. Video production experts understand not only current uses of films to enhance business, but also where the trend is likely to go in the future. Stay ahead of trends, rather than simply responding to them, by using quality business videos wherever possible to achieve company goals.


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