8 Questions to ask when hiring a Phoenix Video Production Company

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As a business owner, you get plenty of advice geared toward promoting your company and brand in Arizona and the Phoenix area. Obviously, today’s marketing movements dictate you have to have a website; otherwise, your competition will win over your potential customers before you ever have a chance to impress them with your products and talents. You also need to properly promote your website through various advertising campaigns and SEO tactics, so your target audience can find you on their first pages of search results when they need the goods or services you have to offer.

Videos are among the latest essentials for keeping your company relevant and vital in today’s market from a number of aspects. If created and promoted properly, they can be an effective tool in your success, but if the quality and content of your video are lacking, they could break your company. You need an experienced Phoenix Video Production Company to act as a liaison between your visions of the perfect video to meet your needs and getting those ideas on screen and into the eyes of the world.

Before you set out on your search for the right production company, though, you need to be aware of exactly what you hope to accomplish through your video.

  • Is this video being created for the purpose of employee training or motivation, or will it be sent through various online channels to market your business?
  • Will it be published on authoritative websites, or is it going to be geared more toward social media?
  • Is the video going to be an advertisement telling potential customers about your company and staff, or will it portray customer testimonials?
  • How much of your budget can you allot to this project?

Once you determine all these factors, you’ll be equipped to give prospective production companies a clearer picture of what you need from them. Then, you can begin consulting with representatives from the companies available to you. At this point, you need to be armed with a few considerations to keep in mind during your interviews; the following are 8 of the crucial questions you should ask during your search.


1)      What are their qualifications?

How long has the company been involved in the video production industry? What trends have they seen come and go in the world of online videos? Will they be able to adapt to future evolutions? Having a couple decades of experience doesn’t necessarily mean a production company is better than a newcomer, but it does indicate a deeper knowledge of what the public expects from you. It also means they probably have a more extensive portfolio of their past work to show you.

2)      Which services do they offer?

A number of different elements go into creating a video, and you need to know if the company you’re considering can truly cover them all. You may have your own customers, corporate recruiters or motivational speakers you want to be featured in your video. Your customers may already know what they want to say, or you may have an entire agenda planned out as far as the script is concerned.

Of course, you may have nothing more than a murky idea of what your final result should be. Is the company you’re talking to able to able to put writers, actors, background music and other components to work for you if need be? Can they combine what you already have with their own talents to bring your ideas to fruition?

Maybe you want to create a video testimonial from satisfied clients to display on your website for the earned advertising prospects want to see, and then, incorporate clips from this into a paid advertisement for your company. Can the video creation company vying for your business repurpose your original video in this manner?

A video designed to increase awareness of your company and foster your reputation is practically useless if you have no way to distribute it among your target audience. Does the company have the necessary resources to market it for you? Can they advise you regarding the best marketing routes to use for promoting your company? Do they offer the SEO services needed to gain visibility for your video among both local and global viewers?

3)      What types of companies have hired them in the past, and what types of projects were they commissioned to create for these clients?

If your specialty is legal services but the video production company you’re consulting with only has experience working with weddings and other social events, they may not be the right company for you. You would need a company that can capture the serious and professional vibe of your business rather than designing a whimsical farce of your services. You need to hire a company that either specializes in your type of company or has a diverse range of experience behind them.

You also want to make sure they can create the type of video you need. Some companies only focus on advertising, so if you want to create a training video for new hires, they may not be able or willing to fulfill your needs. Be sure the experts you’re talking to have experience with your type of business as well as the nature of the video you need to build.

4)      How open-minded are their staff members?

You want your video to be interesting, so it will hold the attention of those viewing it. Your core ideas for the project may cover all the basics of the message you want to convey, but they may still be lacking something. Can the company take your bland script and add whatever it takes to create a dynamic production viewers will be telling their friends about?

Beyond that factor, are they going to be working for you or above you? Your chosen company needs to be able to provide any level of assistance you need to bring your video to life, but they should also be open enough to listen to you. You don’t want to come to a company with an array of brilliant ideas and insight into your industry, only to have them completely disregard everything you asked for. This could result in a finished product that takes you in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. Be sure they’re willing to develop a working relationship with you and combine your ideas and expertise with theirs to design the best video possible.

5)      What is the production company’s attitude toward you and your project?

You want to be able to work well with the videographer you hire. While you need to heed to their expertise to a certain degree, you also need them to have a positive attitude toward your project. Do they seem excited to be helping you in this phase of your endeavors, or are they cold and callous toward you? Do they make you feel like a part of the team or just another paying contract? It’s important to know they value your business and have the well being of your company at heart.

6)      What do their reputation and customer rating say about them?

The company’s rating is readily available for you to see online before you ever delve deeper into their website for their contact information. If they only have a 3-star rating to their name, you may want to move on to the next option. Look over any customer reviews they have on their own website or on public consumer review forums to determine how past and current clients feel about them. If others have numerous complaints about the company, chances are you’ll have the same negative experiences. On the other hand, if they have nothing but glowing reviews, they may very well be the one for you.

7)      What are their legal terms regarding projects they produce?

You’re hiring this company to create something near and dear to your business. It will be used to improve employee morale, instruct employees on how to make your company operate more efficiently or increase traffic to your website, so you need to know your footage is truly yours. You don’t want them using your ideas to foster projects for your competition, so ask them about how far your rights go with respect to your ideas, footage and the finished product. They’ll probably want to add your project to their portfolio for future clients to see, but be sure that’s as far as their legal ownership of your material goes.

8)      How much is Phoenix Arizona video going to cost you?

You’ve already predetermined how much you can and want to spend on your video, so ask them for a final price estimate before you sign any contracts. Keep their professionalism, creativity and experience in mind, though. If the production company can fulfill all your needs, which of these aspects are included in their package price, and which could cost you extra? You don’t want any surprises cropping up once your video is in the production stages.

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into what’s included in their pricing before you agree to use their services. If you find a company that is the perfect fit for your project but they’re slightly outside your price range, it may be beneficial to divert extra funding from other portions of your SEO budget in order to acquire their services.

Once you decide you need a video for various purposes within your company, sit down and determine exactly what your needs are. Then, speak with some Phoenix video production companies to find out what each one can offer you. The previously mentioned questions should help you find the company that will go above and beyond the industry standard to meet your needs and help advance your company through the power of video.

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