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Video has truly come of age. Corporate videos that go viral on YouTube regularly draw tens of millions of viewers, never costing their sponsoring companies more than the modest investments that produced them. 93% of all marketers surveyed recently pointed to the importance of movies in their work, and a full 83% of these professionals had no doubts about the medium’s effectiveness.

Even in just the span of a single recent year, the total amount of time spent watching videos on mobile devices more than doubled, and this growth is expected to hold up for the near future. Taking advantage of video’s potential, then, is a great way for businesses in the Phoenix area to reach new audiences, inspire greater loyalty in existing ones and, ultimately, improve their bottom lines.

The Video Production Process in a Nutshell

Fortunately, commissioning high-quality movies that contribute to business goals has never been easier or more affordable. Production costs have plummeted in recent years with the advance of technology and the wider availability of the necessary expertise, so Phoenix-area companies looking to create new customers or spread brand awareness through video are truly in the driver’s seat.

The actual process of commissioning and taking delivery of a highly effective corporate video is fairly straightforward:

Planning and Pre-Production

Once a production company has found, work toward defining a goal and target audience can begin. Capable video production specialists will strive diligently to understand the audience that a company hopes to reach with a video, because this knowledge is what will guide every effort that follows. Talks about budget will also occur early on, because the resources devoted to a project, too, will influence many later decisions.

With a goal and audience in mind, such as convincing a particular group of potential corporate customers about the value and usefulness for their needs of a new product, writing a script and creating a storyboard can begin. Good video production companies will be proactive about seeking feedback from customers at this stage in order to ensure that the chosen direction is likely to be productive and will mesh well with a company’s image.


With a refined script and storyboard in hand, the actual filming can begin. This can involve spending time at one or more external locations, or simply making use of single, simple set to show off a product. Budgetary considerations will influence what happens at this point, and the script and storyboard that were settled upon should give a good feeling for the results that follow.


Once the necessary raw footage has been captured, it needs to be edited and assembled into the video’s ultimate form. That will involve searching through everything that was filmed in order to find the best shots to use in the final video, and ordering and splicing these individual assets together. Any other post-production tasks will be taken care of, too, which can range from recording and adding in voice-overs or computer-generated graphics to synchronizing a musical score with the assembled good footage.

A Few of the Many Uses of Video for Corporate Clients

This simple process is also an impressively flexible one. Everything from staid, low-key instructional videos meant for employee training to inspiring, emotionally laden marketing pieces that earn millions of views can be produced in the same basic way.

Some of the most common kinds of videos companies in the Phoenix area commission today include:

Explainer Videos

These simple, straightforward productions typically tackle a technical subject in an engaging, accessible way. They can make for an excellent means of introducing prospective clients to potentially confusing products and services. Effective explainer videos often make good use of appropriate mixtures of visual, spoken, and written material to develop understanding that is hard to impart by other means.

Video Advertisements

Other videos focus more specifically on conveying the appeal of a company’s products or services. Many of the best of these begin with a specific audience in mind and are crafted from the ground up to show how the featured product can solve a particular real-world problem.

In addition to addressing specific, practical issues in this way, videos of this kind also often incorporate a more personal, emotional angle that helps to multiply their impact. This is one of video’s undeniable strengths compared to simple text or static imagery: It can be used to draw viewers in more deeply and successfully, making it more likely that they will take the desired action in the end.

Brand Building Videos

Some of the most impressive and effective corporate video productions of recent years have focused on building brand recognition and perception above all else. Video is especially apt for this task, once again because of the way that it can successfully persuade on both factual and emotional levels. Well-made brand videos are probably more likely than any others to catch on with wide audiences, and the power of sharing can see them returning eye-popping multiples on the investments made in them.

Phoenix and Scottsdale companies making use of video for this purpose often enjoy greater freedom with regard to the final product, and video production companies in the area that are capable of recognizing creative and unique ways of building brands are in great demand because of this. It is, of course, important to ensure that any video production agency that is taken on for such a project understands a given company’s goals and image, and this kind of diligence should be obvious from the outset.

Recruiting Videos

Videos can also be an excellent way of showing the most capable and desirable job candidates what a particular company has to offer to them. Video is a better way than almost any other of conveying a company’s internal culture and what the experience of working there is like, so companies in the Valley of the Sun that leverage the tool most successfully frequently enjoy real competitive advantages because of it.

A Wide Range of Other Uses

There are many more great ways to use video to advance a given company’s goals, too, from well-made, attention-grabbing trade show loops to addressing particular issues of public concern. Video is a flexible medium that can pack a lot of impact and information into a few short moments, and it is now easier and more cost-effective to take advantage of than ever before.

Choosing the Right Video Production Agency

Video can be incredibly valuable, but that is not to say that producing effective videos is easy. Taking time to find the right match is just as important as deciding to invest in video in the first place. Fortunately, a great number of highly capable video production companies call the Phoenix area home, so finding the best partner of this sort is often fairly straightforward. Look for a company that:

Really Strives to Understand Your Goals, Audience, and Business

Whether you are seeking to head off controversy regarding your organization or simply looking to generate new customers, any agency you consider working with should show a real eagerness to learn about your company’s needs, market, and character. In addition to asking questions that show this kind of commitment, the agency’s representatives should volunteer to explain how their proposals will directly further your goals.

That will include giving real weight to any other points you might raise, such as budget targets. Video production is a flexible business, so truly capable specialists will be able to come back with interesting options for almost any kind of proposal you might make.

Demonstrates a Strong Record of Accomplishment

Even without being a video production professional yourself, you are well positioned to evaluate much of their output. The point of having a video commissioned for your company, after all, is to make progress toward one or more business goals by influencing a particular audience.

If necessary, put yourself in the shoes of a member of the intended audience as you evaluate the past work in an agency’s portfolio. Otherwise, simply trust your own reactions. Above all, high quality video production should make a real impression and naturally capture your attention for as long as it runs.

Beyond your own assessments, those of others you trust, and testimonials from past customers, give industry accolades and awards some consideration, too. These can often be the sign of a company with a high level of technical skill or creative talent, and can thereby help point out assets that might otherwise have been overlooked. Companies with awards to show off are often well-versed in the techniques that are currently making waves in the industry, like the appropriate use of drone-captured aerial footage or 4K video output, for example.

It is relatively easy to start up a video production agency today with little in the way of investment. A company that lacks a long track record but which shows off some truly impressive output may well be worth considering, but make sure it will be a good fit for your organization and shows the ability to stick to any schedule you might have in mind.

Is Professional and Organized

Just as it is a flexible affair, video production can sometimes become unfocused or even chaotic. Being able to master and direct the many variables that contribute to the production of a high-quality final product is a key part of the necessary skill set.

Creativity can be a real asset, too, but this should not imply that being disorganized is acceptable, so do not be swayed by a flighty-seeming kind of apparent creative genius. A video marketing company that knows how to work effectively with corporate clients and achieve their goals will pointedly live up to professional expectations from the outset, and this discipline will invariably result in a better finished product.

Wants to Help With Finding Your Audience

Your own internal teams may have good ideas about how to get your finished video in front of amenable viewers. Most accomplished media production agencies in the area will have worthwhile input of this sort, too.

Volunteering such strategies is often a further sign of a company that takes its role of contributing toward customers’ real goals seriously. Having these issues in mind from the beginning also means that a production company is more likely to deliver something that will really resonate with the desired audience.

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